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Welcome to Friluftsfrämjandet on Lidingö!

Friluftsfrämjandet is a voluntary, non political, non profit, non religious, independent organization, which was founded in 1892. It still has the same goal: "Promoting an outdoor lifestyle will positively affect public health and quality of life."

Here on Lidingö we offer activities for all ages. Most of our leaders are also English speaking, so not understanding Swedish should not be an obstacle if you want to join our activities!

Mail lidingo@friluftsframjandet.se about any questions you have.

Click in the menu to the left to read about different activities (in Swedish).

FJÄLL = Mountain walking. Trips to the Swedish alps.

KAJAK = Kayaking. Canoeing. Mainly in the archipelago.

LÅNGFÄRDSSKRIDSKO = Long distance skating. Trip skating. Skating tours on natural ice, on lakes or in the archipelago.

MTB = Moutainbike

STRÖVARE, FRILUFSARE & TVM = Outdoor activities for children age 6 and up.

UTFÖRSÅKNING = Downhill skiing for children age 5 and up. Now also for adults.

VANDRING = Hiking.

VATTENGYMNASTIK = Water gymnastics.

ÄVENTYRLIGA VUXNA = Adventurous adults. Outdoor activities for adults.