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Childrens adventure

0-12 years

We are built for movement  – what we experience with our bodies will easily be picked up by our brains. Small children learn by using their bodies and gain experience through all their senses. Skogsmulle is the basis for all children´s activities at Friluftsfrämjandet. At Skogsmulle, children have the opportunity to play out in nature. They climb, discover and learn the harmony in nature. The fantasy figure Skogsmulle is the friend of the children, and a symbol for the respect of nature.

From the age of 0-7 years – from toddling to self-esteem. The youngest kids and their parents discover nature together through watching the ladybird and playing in the glade. Mum, dad or perhaps grandma participate and play together, through activities called Öppna Skogsgläntan, Skogsknopp and Skogsknytte. The older kids have a leader and go out in the forest to meet Skogsmulle. The Skogsmulle-kids are curious and discover and learn to respect nature through their senses. In winter they go skating with Skrinna and skiing with Lagge.

Ages 6-12 years – from self-esteem to challenge. Includes sleeping one night in a tent and cooking over an open fire, try climbing, canoeing or mountain biking as in “Wild kids”, but for real. Based on the level of the group, the leader will take the kids – Strövarna  and Frilufsarna – on adventures.

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Sveriges befolkning är en av världens mest naturintresserade och miljömedvetna. För de flesta börjar omtanke om naturen när man får en egen relation till den. Det vi tycker om är vi också rädda om. Det vi tycker om blir vi nyfikna på och lär vi oss ännu mera om. Därför läggs grunden för ett hållbart förhållningssätt tidigt i livet. Barn som lär sig en hållbar livsstil i dag, växer upp till framtidens hållbara vuxna..