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Our activities

Wonderful nature experiences through a variety of small and big outdoor adventures! Everything from fun children's activities to trips among forests, water and mountains. Our activities are always led by trained leaders who make the tours safe, enjoyable, exciting and developing. On our website you will find the activities and calendar of our various activities. Feel free to follow us on Facebook for updates of our activities. Welcome!

With more than 100,000 members Friluftsfrämjandet is the largest outdoor association in Sweden. And we just keep growing. Friluftsfrämjandet (rough translation: Outdoor Association) is a Swedish non-governmental organization. It´s a voluntary, non political, non profit, non religious, independent organization. Friluftsfrämjandet, which was founded in 1892 still has the same goal: "Promoting an outdoor lifestyle will positively affect public health and quality of life." We safeguard the right of public access to nature in Sweden, for all generations to come.

While our website is primarily in Swedish we welcome everyone and all languages to join us outdoors!

Many Swedes know about Friluftsfrämjandet from their childhood days. Our popular character Skogsmulle has taught generations of kids about the wonders of nature. We are also the leading ski school in Sweden.

Here in Järfälla, one of the 350 local organizations, we offer activities for all ages. Most of our leaders are also English speaking, so not understanding Swedish isn’t an obstacle if you want to join our activities!

Are you intressted in becoming a leader and start a group yourself? We provide training! Contact us for more information.

Welcome as a member and join all the fun!

Competition is not part of our concept. We arrange activities to win great experiences together.

Allemansrätten -Right of public access – a unique opportunity

Right of public access