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Ice-skating school

Children 5-

We have courses in the autumn and early spring for all from beginners to advanced.


Ice skating 5-9 years old.

The children will learn the basic, how to go forward and backwards, stop and turn. Usually they stay in this group for 2-3 years. The leader encourage the children through exciting and entertaining games to train and learn the techniques. They are divided in groups based on age, knowledge and experience.  

Ice skating for 8 years and upwards.

After a couple of years, when they master the basic techniques, it's time to learn more advanced techniques. We learn how to go faster, brake quickly, both snow plow brake, T- and hockey-stop, cross steps, scissors skating, quick turns, skate really fast and to dare more. We also learn how to use a stick, puck and ball. The group is divided into smaller groups during technique training.



Helmet and thick gloves are mandatory on the ice. The gloves protect the hands in case of a fall and must be on even if it's warm. Buy an adjustable helmet so you can change the size if the child put on another hat.

The clothes must be easy to move around in and cover the whole body.  We don't want any sand or dirt on the ice therefore the clothes must be clean. It's important that the skates aren’t too big. Don't buy with the intention that the kid will grow into them. Please, visit our swap market in the autumn where outgrown skates can be sold  and a new pair in the right size can be bought to a good price.

We want to become more leaders!

Do you like to skate and spread joy don't hesitate to contact us! We offer courses.

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