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Children 1-3 years

Skogsknopp is our activities for children aged between 1-3 years. For these activities short legs is not an obstacle, you are only so much closer to all the exciting things that are waiting to be discovered on the ground - and the moss makes for soft falls.

Games and songs make the visit in nature even more joyful. Together with parents, other adults and the group leader they learn about all the living things. The children befriend sticks, stones, logs, ants, worms and lots of other things. The younger the kids are when they get contact with nature the greater their interests becomes during the rest of their lives. Health and well-being are also positive effects that an outdoors visit will contribute to, regardless of age.


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Please bear in mind

You and your child should be wearing clothes fitting with the weather. We are outdoors all year round, even when it rains or snows. It's a good idea to bring some extra clothes for your child so they can enjoy playing games regardless of some mud and puddles