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Children 7-9 years

We do a lot of fun things together but the best part is probably the sleepover in a cottage or a tent. We light a campfire, we cook, we sing and do lots of other fun activities before it is time to cuddle up in the sleeping bag, with all the friends around, it will be a memory for life.

We explore the woods with all our senses. We learn how to use a knife and handle a fire. We build wind shelters and learn to tie a lot of different knots. We learn to handle an outdoor stove for cooking and baking. Imagine the smell of a newly baked cake in the woods!

We also learn about animals and plants, such as mushrooms, berries and which ones are edible. Cooperation is also a central part of learning as well as the very important allemannsrätten, -Right of public access.


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Strövare is simply put an activity where the children are aloud to continue to play and develop at the some time theirs knowledge of the outdoors grow.