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Friluftsfrämjandet (Swedish Outdoor Association) is a Swedish non-profit NGO, actively promoting an outdoor lifestyle since 1892. And we just keep going. While our website is primarily in Swedish we welcome everyone of all languages to join us outdoors!

Sweden is an outdoor paradise. Do you want to share your passion for the lush forest, the mountain top view, the smell of the sea? Look no further! Our access to nature in Sweden is protected by the Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten). It is a unique benefit mentioned in the Swedish constitution. It basically means that anyone has the right to walk on any land, public or private, as long as we leave it as it was before we came there, don’t bother anyone or destroy anything.

The core and foundation of Friluftsfrämjandet is our 316 local clubs (lokalavdelning) and their certified and experienced voluntary guides who arrange a wide array of outdoor activities for their local community. Each year, our 7,000 guides create adventures that are fun, safe and educational – with a true passion for the outdoor life and their great expertise, they enable even more people to experience and discover the magic of the outdoors.

The purpose of Friluftsfrämjandet is to further public health and well-being in society. We offer outdoor adventures for all ages. Competition is not part of our concept - we arrange activities to explore and experience, together. We hike, bike, walk, climb, paddle, ski and skate together. We train the best outdoor guides and instructors in Sweden. And we have fun! While many activities are open to the public, membership will often be required for advanced or recurring activities. 

Many Swedes know about Friluftsfrämjandet from their childhood. Our popular character Skogsmulle has taught generations of kids about the wonders of nature. We are also the leading ski school in Sweden.
We safeguard the right of public access to nature in Sweden, for all generations to come.
Our pioneering approach to outdoor learning methods is acknowledged internationally. More than 200 Swedish pre-schools are a part of our concept "I Ur Och Skur" (rough translation: come rain or shine).

For more information about Friluftsfrämjandet, please contact us at:


adventure for everyone

Big or small, just around the corner or a hike far away. Our adventures and activities run through all seasons and through all ages. Together with the magic of nature we hike the mountains, hike the woods, walk, kayak, climb, ski, snowboard, iceskate, and do nature parkour.

Learn more and get inspired

Nature is a giant playground, full of discoveries, obstacle courses and life. In nature, the body also feels great, motor skills develop, gets natural movement and the brain learns a lot. Then it's fun too. We have learn and shown children the magic of nature for a very long time - because we know that children who gets to know nature when they are young, find it and care about it as adults.


Ask us about membership, your next adventure, or how to get in contact with your local community.

Adventure ahead

Competition is not part of our concept!

We arrange activities to win great experiences, together. We hike, bike, walk, climb, paddle, ski and skate together. We train the best outdoor guides and instructors in Sweden. And we have fun together!

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The Right of public access

The Right of Public Access gives everybody the freedom to roam the Swedish nature and countryside. But there are some things you must keep in mind when you are out walking, camping, climbing, picking flowers or doing something else in the countryside.

Learn more at Naturvårdsverket

The Right of public access in other languages

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Naturvårdsverket has produced pamphlets and leaflets about outdoor access rights in a range of different languages.

More languages

3 good reasons to become a member

Thousands of adventures

As a member there are thousands of outdoor activities to choose from. We have activities to suit the whole family – from forest excursions and ski classes in the local area for young children, to hiking in the mountains, kayaking adventures and longdistance skating for more experienced members.

A better society

Our aim is to make the outdoor life accessible to everyone – regardless of circumstances or ability. Friluftsfrämjandet is a strong advocate for children's health and the right to exercise through outdoor activities. We work actively to ensure an enjoyable, accessible and sustainable outdoor environment – so that we can enjoy our beautiful landscape, today as well as in the future.

Our magazine and offers for members

As a member you will receive a copy of our magazine Friluftsliv, Sweden’s largest magazine about outdoor life and adventure, four times a year. As a member you will also receive attractive offers from our partners, which will make it easier for you to buy good outdoor equipment, travel in comfort and be able to find affordable accommodation when you arrive.

Contact in english

For more information please contact us at: or 08-447 44 40. Are you looking for your next adventure and would like to get in touch with us? At you will find lots of adventures – great and small, whether you long for adventures far away or just around the corner. We have something for everyone! Contact us