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3 tips for a fun day in nature

A day in nature can be a great adventure for children. Creating moments for those exploratory giggles and forest magic doesn't have to be complicated at all. Here are our top three tips for children-friendly adventures.

Nature fun tips 1 – Nature Square

Making your own nature square to follow and explore nature for a longer period of time is usually popular with children - and it is easy!

Choose a space that you can visit often - like a corner of a public park. It should be about 20x20 meters so that you get to explore a lot of different things. Preferably an area with stones, various trees, mosses, plants and a lot of small insects.

Every time you visit your space, explore it with all your senses.

  • What does it smell like?
  • How did it smell the last time we were here?
  • How does the ground feel, is it cold or warm?
  • Are there any birds singing? 
  • What colours do we see in nature? 

Make a little note to help the children compare what happens in your nature square as the seasons change. To help you remember, take some pictures.

Nature fun tips 2 – Skogsmulle TV

Our popular children's character Skogsmulle obviously does not watch TV, but he loves to lie down on the ground and look at the sky or the crowns of trees. This is also something kids usually enjoy - while parents can get a well-deserved pause.

Put on warm clothes so that can be still for a few minutes without starting to freeze. Find a comfortable and soft place where you can lie on your back. Bring a blanket if you don't feel like lying directly on the ground. Tell the children that Skogsmulle usually listen for sounds in the forest, so it is important that everyone is silent. Lie still and quiet for a while, looking up to the sky. Maybe you see patterns in the tree tops or figures among the clouds? Also, try to listen for the weakest or most distant sound. To do that, you have to listen really carefully.

Nature fun tips 3 – Reflector Walk

In the winter time, days go by fast and suddenly it's dark - but nature is actually as exciting in the dark. End the day with a cozy reflector walk in the dark with the family. Put up a bunch of reflectors outdoors with some distance between them (the level of difficulty may vary depending on the childrens' age). You can tie some reflectors to trees or put them on a fence or a tree stump - whatever you find on your way. Hand out a flash light for each child. Then find the reflectors with the flashlight and follow them. Maybe the children will arrive at a treasure where the trail ends? A great way to end a Reflector Walk is by having a picknick, a snack or give the children a small gift. The last reflector can be put up at the bus stop or at the parking lot to show the children that the walk is over and it is time to go home.

Have a lovely outdoor day!

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